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Governance maze

Do your board meetings feel like this?

    1. Board meetings are long winded / without clear direction

    Directors are not aware there is a governance process

    1. The board revisits decisions already made

    Conversations go back to an important decision even though the motion was passed and the CEO is working the plan accordingly.

    1. The Chair is interfering in CEO business

    The Chair wants to help with the strategy, thus undermining the work of the CEO.


4. The board conversations are dominated by a few strong personalities

The point of having a diverse set of directors is to get a diverse set of views

5. The motions are procedural rather than future oriented

Directors leave the meeting sure that the board ‘work’ is done, but all that happened was they got up to speed on what has happened since the last meeting

6. The minutes do not reflect what happened

Board members cannot remember or agree on what the action items were

7. The staff prepare the agenda

This gives the control of the meeting to the CEO instead of the board.

8. There is no disagreement

This does not reflect ‘appreciative inquiry’ around the issues.

9. The board conversations are all about the past

The board is now up to date!

10. The outcomes remain the same

The external landscape is changing but the organization is not anticipating a different future

If your board is experiencing some or all of these conditions, take heart!

There is a way to govern effectively with a process that causes board meetings to be future oriented and outcome focused.

Lets talk.

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