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I think the two perspectives (start with ‘why’ and incorporate distinct elements) go hand in glove and with the right coaching, will produce a compelling story for your company.

It goes like this:

The Start with Why premise is a simple one – people are attracted to ideas that resonate with their own.
Martin Luther King had a ‘dream’ not a plan. Apple start with ‘we will think outside the box, challenge the status quo and dream up new and cool things’. It takes the notion of features and benefits one step further. Tivo the remote control TV device described its great features but did not have a real ‘why’ that superseded its benefits. Their why could have been ‘we think you should be in control of your entertainment’, rather than ‘our device lets you skip the commercials’.

Doing a ‘start with why’ exercise is surprisingly difficult.

Most people start with ‘what’. Look at most B2B or B2C websites – they are generally descriptive in nature. Most people will struggle to stop answering the what and it may take some time and energy to switch. But actually, asking ‘why’ 5 times will get you close pretty quickly.