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If you own a business or manage an organization, knowing how many ways there are to make decisions, can be very instructive.

The quality of the decision making process will affect the quality of the subsequent work performed. Which decision making process does your management team follow? Perhaps you recognize some of these behaviours?

Here are 5 common but ineffective team decision making processes:


One person makes the decision for the group without even discussing the decision with group members. This type of decision making is fast but doesn’t involve group members. The group is a facade.


For this type, the group is giving the opportunity to make the decision, but inactivity results in either someone else making the decision or the problem going away. Sometimes the inactivity results from no one wanting to take responsibility for the decision or group members believing that their input will be ignored anyway.


One or more members assume authority to make a decision. Then they attempt to push that decision through the group. But often other group members won’t support a self-authorized decision.


A few form a subgroup to make decision and impose that decision on other group members. This breaks the group into competing factions and reduces quality of decisions.


A person from within the group is selected to make the decision. How that person is selected can create internal disagreements. This is not group decision making, but passing the buck to one member of the group.

In my next blog I will describe 5 more effective decision making processes and suggestions for how to  be sure the decisions are realized.