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Corporate governance has become one of the most commonly used phrases in today’s business vocabulary

since the 2008 global financial crisis and corporate disasters like Enron and WorldCom.

Weaknesses in governance processes have been exposed as reasons for failures in many sectors,
despite increasing amounts of regulation.

Forming a strong and effective system of governance delivers many benefits to a progressive organization with clarity around:

  • Who the board works for and how well is it serving its key stakeholders
  • How effective the organization is in meeting its’ highest level purpose
  • How the board ensures an effective and efficient organization
  • Empowering the CEO while maintaining accountability
  • Developing a high performing board and organization

SCC recognizes the sizable challenges that board members are facing in a complex, fast paced business environment. For this reason, we offer a proven method known as Policy Governance ® (PG) to increase board efficiency and create meaningful outcomes for an organization and its stakeholders.

If you are the management leader with a board of directors

You know how important your relationship with that body is. In many cases the CEO is obliged to deliver endless amounts of management information and decision items to the board, because that is what they ask for. This uses up valuable staff time and resources and ultimately means the organization operates at the pace of the board meeting frequency. You may have wondered:

  • What is the true purpose of the board meetings?
  • How can I help the board understand their role?
  • How can we reduce the amount of staff time spent preparing for board meetings?
  • How do I know if I am performing well?
  • I conduct performance reviews for my staff. How can I receive a meaningful one from the board as well?

Of course the above questions stem from inefficient processes and lack of clarity around roles. These can create frustration and tension instead of alignment on the high level purpose of your organization. Policy Governance will change the way you work with the board. It clarifies the relationship and sets clear expectations for your outputs, via a policy known as ‘the ends’. It will transform your board meetings and the work of the organization as a whole.

If you serve on a board of directors
(Profit or not for profit)

You may have wondered:

  • How does our board ‘work’ anyway?
  • Is there a deep understanding of our real role?
  • Is there a methodology for the notion of ‘governance’ ?
  • Do we enable the organization to deliver its promise, or do we behave as another layer of management?
  • How do we attract the right people to perform the right governing function?

Without a proven methodology and the discipline to follow through you are more than likely experiencing frustration. In many cases, board members may feel their time is wasted acting as a rubber-stamping committee, discussing trivial matters and reading an excessive amount of management documents. All of these behaviours result in unproductive meetings and outcomes.

Policy Governance is tried and tested theory based, and offers a conceptually coherent method developed by John and Miriam Carver. The system is endorsed by the most influential members in western business practices as it provides a universal definition of the difference between governance and management, rather than the more usual approach of attempting to allocate functions between them.

If you commit to our Governance process, your board will be asked to think in a completely new way. It isn’t about installing best practices; SCC’s corporate governance system is a transformational change that will enable you to meet the objectives of your stakeholders and the organization at large.