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Step 3: Assess the gap
What is the gap between current operations and the ability to deliver in the new market? Be sure to have this frank conversation with a view to defining the gaps operationally, then using some creative thinking to closing the gaps. Our example client recognized that opportunities were passing by, and that a new approach was required. They reviewed a number of possibilities and did not let the issues associated with each, prevent them from taking a position. Ultimately, they chose an innovative method by which collaboration across borders could be achieved.

Step 3: Define the success measures
The challenge is that each person involved in the conversation and decision making may have a valid and unique viewpoint. The head of the project needs to have the skills to weave a consensus decision, and win commitment from each member of the project team. Then the team needs to agree and write down, what defines success. The example clients success measure is built on a simple premise: win new business that was not accessible previously, to prove the new model.

Step 4: Check in with the facts
As those milestones come up for assessment, that is the time re commit to this particular course, or to stop. Are we being successful? This should be a simple yes/no answer. There may well be valid reasons why your business has fallen short of its goals.

The harsh conversation is next.