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Does your board sound like this?

Board Performance: the three wise monkeys

Does your board sound like this?

And if so, what is really happening?

  1. “May I suggest Ms. CEO that one way you can address that is to do XYZ….”

What is really happening is the Chair of your board is interfering in CEO business

The Chair wants to ‘help’ the CEO by advising on an operational issue.

  1. “There is so much to do and we always run out of time”

That probably means your board conversations are dominated by a few strong personalities who talk about whatever it is they like to talk about.

  1. “The board is now up to date!”

What this really means is you have just spent the whole meeting looking back at the past.

  1. “I am writing to ask if there are any agenda items for the next board meeting”

Who sent this? Is a staff member preparing the agenda?

What is really happening is the control of the agenda/meeting is with the CEO instead of the board.

  1. “We are all agreed”

Does that mean there is no disagreement?

Does this reflect a healthy ‘appreciative enquiry’ around the issues.

And if someone does disagree, but does not say so – is it just that they would rather talk about it over coffee at another venue.


If any or all of these happen at your board meetings, know that it is not unusual.

And also know that there is a way through this. This is not an impasse!


Do you want to become future oriented, outcome based and owner accountable?


Call or write me and let’s discuss.

There is a governance process to overcome these hurdles and avoid them in future!