Governance Tools

Over the next quarter I will share some lessons I have learned over the years about governance tools. I don’t mean what the board composition should be, or the pros and cons of various [...]

The Vision Thing part 3

Once you have a ‘why’ to your business, then what? How do you craft a vision statement? Is it different from a mission statement or an ethical code etc.? Collins and Porras have a simple and [...]

The Vision Thing part 2

I think the two perspectives (start with ‘why’ and incorporate distinct elements) go hand in glove and with the right coaching, will produce a compelling story for your company. It goes like [...]

The harsh conversation

The harsh conversation does not need to be harsh, it just seems that way. But as an owner/guardian of the business you need to be methodical and rational in how you go about having a conversation [...]

Social Good and CSR

In the middle of this continuum is the traditional corporate social responsibility or CSR. That is, businesses will set standards for how they will engage in their markets to provide social good. [...]

Sales Effectiveness

I was recently sent a survey from Aberdeen Research on ‘sales effectiveness’, and was interested to note the first question. It was interesting for 2 reasons. The first is that you can tell a lot [...]

Truth In Evaluations

There is an interesting article in the Economist in April that discusses the notion of failing often and learning fast. The story describes how a senior executive at a Ford company asked his [...]

Customer Service

Every business wants its customers to have a good experience with their products and services. Not all companies have thought about what their optimum customer experience strategy might be [...]

Lean Thinking in Business

I think it is fair to say everyone wants a business to run a ‘lean’ as possible. For most that means cutting costs and maintaining services, and assuming that will confer an advantage on the [...]


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