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Predicting a 200-fold increase in web traffic by 2015 due to mobile use, cellphone manufacturer Nokia is deploying Teradata datawarehouse tools for analysing internet usage while travelling in a bid to match up its services with user demands.

Envisaging efficient mobile-delivered services to permanently connected users, Nokia chief information officer John Clarke told ComputerWeekly that GPS information on weather patterns could be processed into information such as related delays in taxi journeys to the airport. He told the site: “This represents a whole new way of thinking. It provides the concept of context, which will transform the nature of the internet.”

Meanwhile, Michael Lacy, chief executive of travel industry mobile solutions firm Handy Group, told TravelMole that the ‘Mashup’ industry was showing boundless ambition for mobile services, claiming: “What is exciting is that mobile will likely spawn areas of business that don’t even exist today.”

Evidence of industry enthusiasm comes as and Mobile.flightstats.comrelease a new mobile-targeted flight availability service, offering those suffering the inconvenience of cancellations with information on available seats for flights that are at a nearby gate or soon to arrive, all deliverable by SMS alert or email.

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