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Here is a another board performance tip I have used to great effect.

As Chair, use these three easy questions in a private setting to help you engage with each individual director.

This is a board performance tip that will help you improve the engagement and overall performance of the directors. And as the Chair you know of course that your role is not only to facilitate the meetings but to lead the organization. This leadership tip will solidify your relationships with the directors and enable conversations that will improve the trajectory of your board’s performance.

At your next one on one by phone or in person, ask:

  1. How do you think we are doing as a board?
    1. This should generate some conversation about what the role of the board is and,
    2. Whether the agenda is really driving the best conversations and outputs
    3. Keep asking open questions so you get past the platitudes
    4. Even this question on its own should improve engagement
  2. How do you think I am doing as Chair?
    1. This will generate a range of replies!
    2. Your job is to listen as your director assesses your behaviour and thus, the meetings
    3. Commit to improving one thing they offer
    4. And by sharing that suggestion at the next board meeting will also raise engagement
  3. How do you think you are doing as a director?
    1. In my experience many people do not see this coming!
    2. And it causes some immediate reflection
    3. And the good news is that it causes some post conversation reflection
    4. Follow up! It builds bonds and strengthens the team and thus the outputs.

It’s a simple board performance tip do and a really powerful one.

Be careful what you expose and how you assimilate the information. Use it well and it will make a positive impact on your board’s performance.


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