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Two of the world’s biggest companies sent a very clear signal by executing on their mobile strategies recently.

Apple acquired a mobile phone advertising company Quattro Wireless. and Google unveiled their new phone, the Nexus One.

At first glance you might think that means they are trying to play in the other’s back yard. Google already has mobile advertizing (they bought AdMob last year) and Apple already has the hugely popular iphone. Presumably Apple wants mobile advertizing across it’s iphone and Google wants mobile advertizing across it’s Nexus One.

However, the big picture signal seems clear. Both firms are making very significant investments in the notion that the handheld will soon become the primary internet access device.

Further, both companies are expecting that direct exposure to the still-small mobile-ad market will reap its rewards.

Imagine when big suppliers can reach their best customers on any mobile platform. How will resellers and intermediaries prove their value? What services will they need to provide to stay relevant? Has your business started crafting a strategy for this eventuality?

What signal is your business waiting for?